Costumes Styles

So far, we have produced approximately about hundred mascots for our beloved customers.
Various types of costumes have been produced by MaskotKita, it includes conventional
costumes, common costumes (example:birthday party, etc.) and special costumes for certain events (example:sports occasions). we have divided our gallery into three albums which are:

  1. Common mascots are the type of mascot that can be used for various program and events and it is also can become mascot for any individual event by renting it from us.
  2. Cartoon mascots are the type of mascot that can be used for more simpler events such as birthday party, farewell and welcoming party. It is suitable for events involving children because they’ll love it.
  3. Special mascots also can be used for events, but it is more for big events, mostly involved with sports day events and sometimes, national events.

ALL of these mascots can be purchased, leased or ordered from our company, MaskotKita.

Latest News

MaskotKita as a emerging company, will try our very best to raise the image of our company. So, every new news about mascot/costume will be updated from time to time for our beloved customers. For the latest news about our company, click here

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