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It is in your hands

Our company produce conventional mascot, and also mascot for companies which produces product (i.e., food etc.). Apart from that, we also
usually will make mascot for sports championship (i.e. SUKMA).
Design choice mascot is fully following your will, because we as the mascot manufacturing company will ensure customer needs
fulfilled. This mascot uniqueness rests with your will, we will ensure all process will be smooth until mascot manufacturing process
Visit our gallery to see examples of mascot that we produce.
“All lasting business is built on friendship.” This is our hope, to build good relationship with customer.


Mascot Design

MaskotKita provides services to design mascot that upon by our clientele.
We will ensure so that customer desire and needs achievable and mascot that they desired becoming a memory that cannot be forgotten!!
With expert designers in our company, we gave assurance that mascot that we produce will gives you full satisfaction!!
Manufacturing processes of mascot will be updated to our clients through e-mail from time to time. This is one of the factors to convince our customer not to hesitate with our work. Through this method, mascot can be completed in the right time.


Mascot Delivery

Once mascot completed, we will send the mascot to our clients. So far, mascot delivery around Lembah Kelang area is FREE!!! For area apart from Lembah Kelang, all cost necessary will be discussed with our management department.

Mascot Maintenance

Some services for your mascot maintenance that we prepare was:

  1. costume/mascot wash
  2. mascot storage
  3. repair any mascot part that damaged after use

Any cost for the service, depend on kind of service requested by clients.

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